Workplace Behavioral Guidebook is simple, self-contained, and the only book of its kind on the market.

Illustrating a paradox of uniquely designed scenarios this book engages both the male and female brains. A short read, making a powerful statement while being educational through real life experiential dilemmas, this book is sure to resolve questions while providing solutions! Easy to understand, this book offers both employers and employees tangible, actionable solutions to address the issues headlining the media in our culture today. Written to clarify and educate society on proper workplace conduct while elaborating how diversification and equality create better overall business results.


The Author

Creating Infinite Balance with oppositions.

S.J. Gold known professionally as “The Polarity Expert” illustrates the paradox of real life scenarios in an unbalanced culture. An Entrepreneurial Business Excellence Consultant & Wellness Coach, the Polarity Expert has studied Human Nature, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy), Mindfulness, Bio-Identical Hormonal Balancing and Yoga with regards to Neuroscience and Psychology with experts in the field since 2003; Proceeded by 18 years of corporate experience as an Engineer and Organizational Management Change Agent with internal training in Executive Coaching by the Fortune 15 at one of the premier

leadership centers in the world in addition to earning dual Six Sigma and SEI CMI & CMMI Certifications and many accolades from top executives. After coaching 1000s of individuals on a process that institutionalizes a foundation of principles necessary to work successfully and cohesively in a teaming environment; The Polarity Expert was known as a Subject Matter Expert. Working in the manufacturing industry gave an opportunity to experience a great deal of gender related issues, thus expanding focus to relationships and getting to the root cause of many issues. Many issue’s which are now current topics in the news.

"Lets Elevate, Expand and Educate Together!" - S. J. Gold


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